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May 1st 2012

Since the end of February 2012 I have been looking into the alternative medicines as its clear that the doctors ‘time heals approach’ needs a helping hand.

MLD – Manual Lymph Drainage

I had a number of sessions at a clinic in Sevenoaks, it was extremely relaxing and I can see that the treatment has an effect but it was short lived and to really benefit I would need to have several sessions a month which is prohibitively expensive so had to stop.


I was skeptical about the benefits of Homeopathy because I am a logical person who needs to understand the world around me. I get mind blown when I come across something that defies logic – which doesn’t happen very often.

I accept that I cant understand everything but that’s ok as long as I can get the gist.  I draw a line under those ridiculous equations that scientists come up with that are supposed to explain the chances of bread landing butter side down but other than that I seem to be able to get the gist of most things.

The universe is one thing that I don’t get – I just don’t understand what the universe is contained in.   A pip is in an apple, the apple is on a tree, on earth, in the solar system, in the galaxy in the universe but what is the universe in? I cant accept ‘Nothing’ its not logical!!

Read in a medical journal and homeopathy is nothing but quackery, no conclusive proof has been found to say that homeopathy works but people swear by it so I gave it a go.

After nearly 4 months I can say that for me, Homeopathy is like the universe. Totally illogical but its there and playing a role in my recovery.

My homeopath is great, she is one of those intriguing people who don’t appear to say much but instead listen intently and suddenly hit you smack between the eyes with something so obvious in its granular form but totally overlooked.

An example of this was that she said  ‘imagine how people would treat you if you had lost your leg?’. I told her that I hadn’t so why ask.  The reply was ‘your leg was so close to being amputated that my body has rejected it and only the modern medicine saved you from loosing it or loosing your life. As far as your body is concerned it lost your leg a year ago so its not a surprise that its battling to try to rekindle the relationship’.

It sort of puts things into perspective.

From this point logic needs to take a back seat – well almost. The homeopathic theory is all about balance of energy, many problems are the result of other problems which in turn are caused by their own problems. Its a onion effect, they need to peel off the layers in order to  get to the core – usually slightly green – if my onions are anything to go by 🙂 .

So far I have had several remedies, the schedule requires a decent diary or a phone app to keep you on track but I can say that in my opinion something is definitely happening and regardless as to whether or not its illogical I am feeling that we are making progress.

I have some theories about a certain remedy, I just want to test it out and then will report back.

More later…


Update 18/6/2012

I am still under the homeopath and have to say that I am finding it hard to prove/disprove its effects.  I am definitely much better mentally than ever before and think that my homeopath has found a number of remedies that are helping physically too.  For example, I used to get lots of headaches after travelling but am taking a remedy when required to stop them.  I also take a remedy to help my blood pressure and to stop the sick feeling when standing around – they too have had a good effect.

Physically the foot seems better as long as I am active. The snake venom remedy seems to alleviate the symptoms although the weather changes or I wear a different shoe and things go backwards.

I had a week away from the desk and it was great, managed to get on a do a lot of things but as soon as I got in the car the foot started to get sore, back to work and within 1/2 a day the soreness returned.  I guess I need to swap the computer for a post bag and become a postman.


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