One Year On

One year on.

Its almost exactly a year as I write this. I have had to make changes to the way I deal with life in order to cope with the after effects of the cellulitis.

What are the symptoms?

As I have said before, everyone is different and each case of cellulitis is different. I have found that every day is different too. Some days are better than others, some are worse but at no point in the last 12 months have I gone a day without having some form of pain or sensation.

Right now, my foot feels like it has been burned in scolding hot water. It feels very hot in my head but to touch it is only slightly warmer than my other foot. Under the ankle it feels like i have a paper cut running out across the top of the foot where it creases against the leg.

Rubbing the around the ankle invokes a mild ache. Touching the top of the foot increases the burning sensation slightly.

The other sensation I get is like a mild cramping or squeezing sensation in my calf.

How does that affect me?

When just sitting – its annoying – an irritant but can be relieved by shifting my leg around and keeping it elevated.

When driving the sensation is increased because of the position of the leg. I still don’t think I could drive a manual car for long as it tires easily.

When walking the pain across the ankle increases as does the burning sensation.

Is that all?

No not really, when the pain and discomfort is at its worst it is a dragging sensation. Its tiring and I become irritable.

So in summary,  it gets me down sometimes but I try to think how lucky I have been to still have two legs, and still be alive. There are many people a lot worse off than me and I try to stay positive.


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